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Altopedia is a free access easy to use platform for those who have chosen to be part of an alternative lifestyle. It doesn't matter whether you have opted for a life involving fetish, or you are a fan of more underground music, or you simply require information on any part of a free thinking lifestyle, Altopedia will either have something for you to read or a place for you to express yourself.


The aims of Altopedia are to provide information and a greater depth of understanding about those people, music and lifestyles that certain members of society may try to convince you are somewhat bizarre, but here at Altopedia, we love and fully encourage freedom of expression. Although please note, we will delete all posts that appear to be nothing more than intentionally offensive.

Who's Invited

Anybody and everybody is welcome to create pages about fashion, music genres, bands, alternative jobs, or anything of a free thinking nature.

Who built it

The platform at Altopedia was originally built by MediaWiki and was then taken on board and adapted by us. To check out more information about the self confessed (and proud of it) freaks and wierdoes involved click Altopedia Staff.

We're Proud

We at Altopedia are proud of what we've created, because we feel it is a highly needed voice piece.